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Entry #6

why the fuck do i keep getting un-scouted

2010-02-10 22:37:55 by JarredJoffe

this is fucked, i honest to god don't understand why i have to be unscouted, my drawings don't violate any of the terms and i scanned them my self onto the computer.

i want to see p-bot draw a better handgun then me - BY HAND in pencil and then i will accept being unscouted.

why the fuck do i keep getting un-scouted


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2010-02-10 22:49:46

that IS bull,dude i recemend you for being epic 8D

JarredJoffe responds:

haha thanks man


2011-06-17 02:40:35

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2012-11-05 14:41:01

Bro you are an awesome artist and if enyone says you aren't then screw them :D